senseFly Drone

Professional drone by Parrot senseFly for 3D Map

Menci is the Italian reseller of senseFly fixed wings drone: swinglet cam and eBee for proximity professional metric survey. UAV drone allows to capture images for high-quality cartographic results.

UAV Drones allow you to take your own aerial photos and produce with APS software orthomosaics and 3D models at resolution of 5cm GSD.

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UAV drone allows to capture images for high quality carthographic results

SenseFly Main Features

  • Easy to use
  • A complete solution
  • Inherently safer
  • Operational in seconds
  • Completely autonomous
  • High endurance
  • Easy to transport
  • Wind resistant
  • Hard to break
  • High-level support
  • Affordable


  • Easy and autonomous flight planning & remote control
  • Create maps and 3D models few hours after flight

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Drone UAV Mapping


ebee img gen ebeeag ebeertk sensefly aps fotogrammetria rilievivastazona rilieviterritoriali

eBee Drone High professional drone by senseFly The eBee is a SenseFly drone. It has a flight time...

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compare senseFly drones

compare sensefly drones dji phantom mavinci

USAGE Projects Mapping Mapping Mapping Small area mapping & inspection (small to large scale) (sm...

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APSCheck Fast post-flight dataset checker APSCheck performs a quick post-flight quality check of ...

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Swinglet Cam

The easy to use professional Drone for photogrammetry

Swinglet Cam Drone The easy to use professional UAV The Swinglet Cam is a SenseFly drone.With onl...

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x sito stereocad 3 sfondo grigio senza testa

StereoCAD Stereoscopic CAD for drone images 3D inspection and plotting StereoCAD improves stereos...

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APS - 3D Mapping Suite

APS is a software suite with high performance for the big production of aerial photogrammetric products starting from small and medium format digital images acquired by UAV drone

APS - Photogrammetry Software Automatic photogrammetric processing station APS is the powerful an...

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  • ESPERIENZE 2015 - professional photogrammetric meetings
    Francesca Ceccaroni - Thursday, 19 November 2015

    menci sensefly esperienze fotogrammetria aps rilievi incontri fotogrammetrici professionali ebee exom

    MENCi and senseFly are pleased to present ESPERIENZE 2015 the first professional photogrammetric meetings event in Italy dedicated to the experience of skilled operators, who have chosen this technology to map the territory.

    We invited at ESPERIENZE some of the companies that have been working with the eBee in order to present their most significant experiences.  

    Sharing experiences in different fields of application provide to ESPERIENZE a high scientific level and represents a meeting that reinforces the role of skilled operators and it also supports a multidisciplinary growth.

     Happy mapping with us!!

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  • Commercial UAV SHOW 2015
    Francesca Ceccaroni - Tuesday, 20 October 2015

    uav menci photogrammetry aps sensefly exom ebee stereocad terraintools

    Menci Software at the 
    Commercial UAV SHOW 2015, London edition, the largest event dedicated to the emerging commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry. 

    Meet us at Commercial UAV SHOW 2015. You can see our latest innovations about our  professional photogrammetry software APS and the other applications as StereoCAD (Stereoscopic CAD for drone images 3D inspection) TerrainTools  (the Professional DEM editor toolset for  analyzing and editing 3D ground models).

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  • SAIE 2015 - Bologna
    Francesca Ceccaroni - Saturday, 17 October 2015

    B saie uav menci photogrammetry aps sensefly exom ebee stereocad terraintools

    Dal 14 al 17 ottobre si terrà a Bologna Saie Smart House Exhibition l'evento dedicato allo smart building e alle smart technologies dove Menci software sarà presente in qualità di espositore con la propria tecnologia professionale.

    Vi aspettiamo con la nostra grande novità: eXom, il nuovo quadricottero senseFly. Avrete l'occasione di vederlo dal vivo e di esaminare tutte le caratteristiche tecniche che lo contraddistinguono: dalla visione a 360° ai sensori antiurto e di visione integrati tutti intorno ad eXom.

    eXom sarà affiancato dal drone planante eBee che, insieme al nostro software APS e ai nostri moduli specializzati per il mapping professionale (StereoCAD, terrainTools), ottimizza la nostra proposta di strumenti professionali per il rilievo.

    Incontraci e scopri le tecnologie Menci Software a SAIE 2015!

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