UAV Drone Mapping

Low-altitude acquisition and mapping

Drone systems are a high technology products designed for low-altitude acquisition and production of 3-dimensional spatial and metric information for territory high-precision cartographic surveys.

UAV systems are suitable for:
  • Territory survey
  • Geological survey
  • Urban planning survey
  • Environmental engineering survey
  • Architectural and archeological survey
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Our Solutions for UAV Drone Mapping

For UAV Drone Mapping Menci Software offers two kind of products:

SenseFly Drones and Drone Mapping Software

SenseFly Drones

UAV drone allows to capture images for high quality carthographic results
Menci is the italian reseller of senseFly fixed wings drone: swinglet cam and eBee for proximity professional metric survey.
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Drone Mapping Software

enci provides different software tool respecting application and case history
Menci provides different software tool respecting application and case history.
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Product Suite

Swinglet Cam

Professional, highly productive, easy to use Drone.
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High professional easy to use aerial mapping drone.
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eBee Ag

The drone for precision agricolture mapping.
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Product Suite


Aerial photogrammetric product from small and medium format images.
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More Features
StereoTools: Digital photogrammetric stereo workstation
TerrainTools: Professional DEM editor tool set
Google Earth Tiler: Orthophoto post processor for Google Earth view
Cloud View: Big sized point cloud viewer

Case History

Ittiri, Sardinia, Italy

  • Quote: 124 m
  • GSD photo: 4 cm
  • Area: 0.396 km2
  • UAV: Swinglet CAM
  • Number of images: 200
  • Number of flight: 1
  • Time of flight: 25 minutes
  • APS processing time: 30 min (whole steps)

More case histories

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Latest News

SenseFly boosts agricultural efficiency with launch of eBee Ag aerial imaging drone
Francesca Ceccaroni - Friday, 11 April 2014


The eBee Ag is the easiest to use and most reliable agriculture drone on the market.
Lightweight and highly durable, it features a wide range of camera options and fully autonomous operation – flying, acquiring images, and landing itself.

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Menci Software @ Roma Drone 2014
Francesca Ceccaroni - Thursday, 10 April 2014


Menci Software sarà espositore e relatore al salone nazionale sui droni, Roma Drone 2014.
Registrati e prenota una demo presso il nostro stand per il 24 o il 25 maggio.
Potrai vedere e chiedere di provare direttamente i software APS (3d modeling, ortofoto, curve di livello, ...)
e StereoTools (stereo restituzione fotogrammetrica). Saranno presenti i droni ad ala planante SenseFly eBee,
affidabili e ultraleggeri.

Intergeo Eurasia 2014
Francesca Ceccaroni - Monday, 07 April 2014

Menci Software and its products will be at Intergeo Eurasia 2014, in Istanbul from April 28 – 29, 2014.
Intergeo Eurasia is the main event focused on landmanagement and geoinformation system of south-east Europe and Middle-east.
A great occasion to be closer to the state of art of geo-technologies.