Hamburg (Germany) - Hall A3 stand E3.014 - 11-13 October 2016



INTERGEO is the world's number one Geo-IT platform.

Menci Software would like to thak you for the 3 days of intensive communication, dialogue and new partnership born at INTERGEO.

During the fair we had the pleasure to present the new release - APS 8, a renewed version of APS software with lever arm management, new DSM generation algorithm, detailed reports, true orthophoto.

For our Company is vitally important that the research and innovation being constantly encouraged to improve every day.

In this dynamic enviroment we present also:

  • STEREOCAD: Stereoscopic CAD for drone images 3D inspection and plotting. With StereoCAD you can perform extremely accurate inspections and 3D measurements, thanks to active stereoscopic perception. At the same time, there are advanced CAD commands ideal for cartographic and architectural plotting. StereoCAD returns you to the real 3D world!
  • OPK: OPK  is a photogrammetric software for processing large format images from aerial cameras and satellite. OPK is a software suite with high performance for the big production of aerial photogrammetric products starting from large format digital images acquired by aerial cameras, such as UltraCam, DMC, DIMAC or satellite data like GeoEye, Ikonos, QuickBird.

OPK is our innovative cartography software technology providing totally automatic photogrammetric workflow.

We also offer: professional photogrammetric course , free trial, and software documentations.

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