Menci provides different software tools for different applications and contexts.

  • APS is a photogrammetric software suite with high performance for the big production of aerial cartographic data starting from small and medium format digital images acquired by UAV drone.
  • StereoCAD: stereoscopic CAD for drone images, to 3D inspection and plotting
  • TerrainTools: professional DEM editor tool set, for volume, profiles and advanced DSM/DTM analysis
  • APSCheck: fastpost-flight dataset checker
  • OPK - Large Format: photogrammetric software suite for large format images from aerial cameras and satellite processing.

Main features

  • Easy workflow
  • User friendly interface
  • Openness (no proprietary format)
  • Self-contained (no other software requested)
  • Customizable (we can respond and provide solutions to custom requests)


  • Processes blocks of any shape and overlap
  • Easy to use intuitive graphical user interface
  • State-of-the-art computation algorithms
  • Sophisticated block visualization
  • High precision & high reliability
  • High processing speed
  • High level of automation
  • Optimized utilization of hardware capacity
  • Minimized user interaction for project set-up
  • Batch processing capabilities

OPK SAT, Software per immagini da Satell…

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OPK, Software per immagini da Aereo (2)

Software per GIS e Cartografia La suite OPK è un set di software per GIS e cartografia aerea dedicati al processamento di immagini large format acquisite con camere aeree o satelliti...

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APS - Photogrammetry Software

La suite OPK รจ un set di software per GIS e cartografia aerea dedicati al processamento di immagini large format acquisite con camere aeree o satelliti. OPK garantisce alte prestazioni...

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